Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I access the Esaote E-shop?

Esaote E-shop is accessible through the following link:
For full access to all features (such as purchasing, dedicated price list, order history and billing, etc.) you must have access credentials by creating an account. To register: Create Account.

2. How can I create an account for Esaote E-shop?

You can create an account directly from the portal by clicking here: Create Account.
To register you must provide a valid VAT number. Account activation is subject to validation and confirmation by the Esaote team following the registration process.

3. What advantages do I have by creating an account?

In addition to offering the possibility to purchase on the site and enjoy all the features, registration also guarantees full support from an Esaote expert throughout the purchasing process and any requests for information.

4. Is it possible to receive a partial shipment if some items are not available?

If this need arises, it is advisable to write to indicating the order number.

5. How can I check the status of my order?

You will receive prompt notification for any order status progress at the email address associated with your account.
You can always access your order history by clicking on your account name, "order history and details".

6. I have just placed an order, why does it not appear in my order history?

For each order, the Esaote team reviews products and compatibilities to ensure the best possible experience. You may have to wait 24/48 business hours to see your order in the order history.

7. Why can't I see all the orders placed from my company's account?

Orders are linked to the user who placed the order, so each user will only see his or her own orders.
If a user has left the company, we kindly ask that you email us at so that we can deactivate the account.

8. How can I know if Esaote has received my order?

At the end of the purchase process you will see a page summarizing the order placed, with the order number, billing information and delivery address. The same information will be sent to the email address of the account that placed the order.

9. Is it possible to change the shipping address?

You can change your shipping address by clicking on your account name, "addresses".
Alternatively, you can send a request by writing an email to indicating your customer number, registered office address, new shipping address and delivery contact details.
If you selected the wrong shipping address when placing your order, please contact Customer Service at (+39) 010 6547777 or send an e-mail to
Changes to the shipping address are authorized as long as the new address is in the same country in which the account was initially registered.
It is possible to deliver the products only in the country from which the order was placed.

10. Is it possible to change the billing address?

Changes to the billing address must be authorized by the Esaote team.
You can send a request by writing an email to indicating your customer number, registered office address and new billing address.

11. I need assistance, what can I do?

You can contact customer service by the following methods:

12.I have forgotten my password, what can I do?

You can reset your password at any time. Click on "Forgot your password?" in the login window. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password.

13. What if I can't find the product I need?

If you can't find the product you need, please contact customer service:

14. Can I return a product purchased online?

It is possible to return a product within 15 days of receiving the goods, only for items that have never been installed or used and that are still in their original packaging.
Shipping costs incurred during the purchase will not be refunded and the return shipment will be charged to the customer.
Refunds will be issued upon receipt and verification of returned materials.
Virtual items, such as licenses, cannot be returned.
To make a return please contact our customer service.

15. What can I do if my product has arrived damaged or if I have received the wrong item?

If you have received a damaged, non-functioning product or received the wrong item, please contact customer service:

Please provide the purchase order number.

16. How does a Product Warranty work?

Esaote undertakes to replace and / or repair, free of charge, the Product or its components which prove to be defective during the 12 months of the warranty period for a new product.
The validity, instead, in case of used or refurbished product, is of 6 months.

The Warranty period starts from the Testing, where applicable, or from the date of shipment of the Product.

If you want to know the contact persons of the local Esaote Technical Assistance Service, you can contact us:

17. An error occurred during the purchase process, what can I do?

If you receive an error message during the purchase process, please contact us as follows:

Please indicate the error that occurred.

18. How does the installation process work?

If the product needs to be installed by a qualified technician, you will be contacted after shipment to arrange the activities.
If you need assistance please contact us: